We like to look at jewellery in both a traditional and modern light. This allows us to show off our range of traditional St Christophers, crosses, chains, charms, bracelets, necklaces and earrings as well as some more daring designs which incorporate a mixture of intriguing shapes and beautiful stones like our silver opal pendants and chains.

If you wanted to try some of our more Art Deco designs look at our marcasite jewellery that includes some stunning statement pieces.

Here are but a few of the many designs we have to offer…

  • Gecko
  • B189
  • sil-bracelet
  • VXS_010__12
  • E3635
  • Gecko
  • E3042M
  • B260
  • 2009-02-13-11.47.02
  • 2009-02-13-11.47.17
  • VXS_202__12
  • VXS_208__12
  • B4838
  • silver-necklace
  • 2009-02-13-11.47.38
  • 2009-02-13-11.47.05
  • B3453
  • E4976C

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