This Month’s Birthstone

April - Diamond

Diamond is the hardest natural substance know to man.  It is also incredibly beautiful when cut and polished, with amazing light reflection and refraction properties giving rise to the phenomenon known as a diamond’s ‘FIRE’.   This is best seen in the ‘BRILLIANT’ cut. Mathematically designed in the early 20th century with 58 facets the brilliant cut shows off a Diamond to its very best. Diamonds are graded according to quality and the two most important aspects are the colour and the clarity. Colour is the most straightforward, in very simple terms the whiter the diamond the better it is, if it shows yellow or brown tinges that is less good. Clarity refers to any inclusions or impurities in the stone, the fewer the better. At Parrys we specialise in Diamond Jewellery, we have earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets from about £200.   Come in and have a look!